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Atlas Crane Services is Fully Insured and proudly serves the entire Midwest.

Below you will find a list of the many solutions Atlas Crane Service offers.

City of Chicago Certified Operators, OECP Certified Operators, Local 150 Certified, Certified Signal Men, HAZ-MAT Certified, Equipment 3rd Party Certified, OSHA 10, Pipeline OQ, Certified Riggers

Things to know when ordering a crane:
Weight of the heaviest Object
Height of Building
Crane Distance Away from Building
Distance in from Edge of Building

Other Items to Keep in Mind

Do you need Spreader Bars or Special Rigging?
Do you need Street Closure Permits?
What are the Ground Conditions? (Mud, Gravel, Hill, etc)
Are there any Overhead Obstructions? (Power Lines, Trees, Airport Location)
Do you need to store air conditioning units?
We can temporarily store your equipment inside our warehouse or outside on our lot.

Atlas Crane Service Air Conditioning Storage